Goldilocks Was On the Right Track

I should have been born a bear. If it wasn’t for the fact I can’t go more than three hours without sticking food in my mouth I could totally hibernate during the winter. Everything I need is in my house…food, books, movies, phone and my computer. Let me just stay inside until the temperature hits sixty-eight and stays there. Think of the work I could get done. I currently have about ten books started and saved, a list of possible book ideas and dozens of characters yakking in my head waiting to get out. Yet when it’s four degrees outside and four inches of snow with two inches of ice underneath it, I have to drag myself out the door before the sun rises. Last year we got our biggest snow fall in years about eight inches. I tried to call out of work at the evil day job, only to have my boss drive to my house and pick me up. Don’t poke the sleeping bear people! It hasn’t hit yet, as a matter of fact it has been unseasonably warm…but it’s coming.

I live in Tennessee! It’s not like I’m in South Dakota with forty feet of snow and a wind chill factor of thirty below. I would never survive that I know for a fact. The older I get the harder it is for me to tolerate winter. I can’t drive on it and I sure can’t walk on it. Five years ago I tried and got a concussion, broken tailbone and a broken wrist for my efforts. Sadly, I have still not won the lottery. So I must plug away over the weekend and drag myself out into the frozen tundra Monday through Friday.

But a new year is upon us. Let’s snuggle up and read some good books and hopefully in my case write some good ones. If you haven’t checked out my Men of Tennessee series please do so, if it’s cold where you are maybe it will warm you up.

Happy New Year!