Funky Buttercups

I’m in a funk. The past few weeks have been real downers to say the least. I was on such a high for my sister and mom’s visit and our family reunion, which by the way was awesome. I then had the following week off work, but as Sunday neared and Monday loomed like an axe over my head, everything thing just kind of fell apart.

While my sister was here we found out quite by accident that she was diabetic. It is a raging epidemic in my family. My sister is younger than me, very active, not obese and generally eats very healthy. It was a shock to us all. As I was checking my blood sugar and she told me she hadn’t been feeling very well. On a lark I checked hers as well and much to our surprise her blood sugar was close to 300, almost 3 times the normal. Let’s just say my sister is awesome, she took the news much better than I.

Sunday I also received a call from a hysterical cousin. Her mother, my Aunt Betty had just suddenly died of a heart attack. Yes she was elderly, but she was also active and her death was a shock. As I stood at the gravesite, next to my dad’s headstone, I was almost overcome with grieve at how many funerals I have had to attend. How many loved ones I have seen leave this world. Aunt Betty you will be missed.

The past couple of weeks have resulted in more disappointing news and two coworkers who are getting on my last damn nerve! So today, I’m going to curl up in my favorite chair and on this rainy, gloomy Halloween read one of my favorite authors. Jacci DeVera, has just come out with a new book and she is awesome. I truly enjoyed her last book Heavy Handed and have no doubt I will love this one just as much. Nothing gets me out of a funk faster than a good book. So if you haven’t discovered Jacci yet, I urge you to try one of her books. I’m sure she will inspire me to get back to writing. Like the proverbial buttercup, I’m going to suck it up and move on.