Pigeon Hole or Rut?

When I went to Nashville to the author conference in April, I had the pleasure of sharing a lunch table with a young woman who was a fan of reading. I know this because she told me so. She also told me that she preferred to read fantasy and paranormal. She wanted to escape her life and go somewhere else; somewhere she could never go in real life she said. For the most part I feel like I’m just the opposite in many ways. I want to go somewhere else too, but right now I want it to be somewhere that I might actually be able to go, that is if I were to be a young, reasonably attractive, adventurous young woman…I am not. But the books I like to read and write for the most part, are books of what I would call average people. No one is dead, no one shifts into wolfs, no one bites anyone and becomes immortal. My characters are people you may know, doing things you may do, and they just happen to fall in love. But despite the fact that they are the ones that have brought me to this dance, I may want to leave with someone else. In other words I may want to write about something other than average people someday.

Some authors have made names for themselves writing in one category and one category only. There are authors who only write westerns or shifter stories or vampire books etc. and it’s really worked for them. I can see where it would be a smart marketing tool and so far my stories, other than Mastered by the Mothman, have been about average, every day people finding love. But that’s not to say that I will only write in that category. I want to stretch my imagination and go where it takes me. Despite the old adage that if it’s working for you why change? Why? Because I don’t want to pigeon hole myself into only one writing category. Vampires, shifters, paranormal and sci-fi are very popular and I have read some very good books in these categories that I enjoyed very much. One day I hope to follow my imagination to a story that falls away from normal people…you know just to keep from landing into a rut.