The End?

When it comes to what I like to read, I have never been a fan of a series. I think because I’m just impatient. I want my happy ending tied up with a bow at the end of every book. If the other books in a series are not out, I hate waiting and then hunting for them. Lord help me if I read one out of order! Now that’s not to say I haven’t read any series’. I have read several, and enjoyed them. The ones that come to mind are The Lord of the Rings series, The Ice series, Twilight, The Hunger games and I’m currently absolutely absorbed in The Outlander series.

I have noticed recently a disturbing and can I say frustrating new trend with some authors. They are leaving us hanging. I can see how financially this might be a good idea, to encourage the purchase of the next book and the next book and the next book in a series. But seriously? Come on! Play fair. I recently purchased a book from Amazon, loaded it to my Kindle and read it, only to get to the end and find out it just abruptly stops. No ending, no finish, just stops. Nowhere did I see on the Amazon page that this was not a “stand alone” book. That if you want to know what happens you have to buy the next 3 or 4 books. Well guess what? It ain’t going to happen! At this point I’m just pissed off and refuse to buy any more. Unless that book is of the quality of The Outlander series, (and none are) I’m not biting.

Well with all that said, and off my chest. I’m currently writing a series. LOL! The first book, The Men of Tennessee, Stone Hard is out now. The second book in the series, Cast in Stone is due out in November and I’m working on the third. I can promise you this. I will never leave my reader hanging. You will get a stand-alone book with a happy ending. Hopefully you will be interested enough to want to read the other stories, but if you just decide to read one…well guess what? You will get a The End.