Nashville Bound...or not!

So in April of this year, my publisher DHP offered me a wonderful opportunity to attend an author event. I was so excited to go, and get the chance to meet people who I had only conversed with by email, not to mention getting to meet some amazing fellow authors. Even though I attended as a fan only, it was a fun, amazing day that I would not have wanted to miss for anything. But with that said it was not without its challenges. Namely me.

This is hard for me to admit, being that I am an adult woman, but I have some major fears. I don’t like heights, snakes, water, bridges, escalators, airplanes and I especially don’t like driving in Nashville. My friends know this and have accepted it, as a matter of fact they always insist on driving anytime we are taking a trip out of our town. I’m like a 100% cotton shirt, I don’t travel well. In my own hometown, I’m fearless on the road. A regular Danica Patrick, but get me in tons of traffic on roads I am unfamiliar with I’m something of a nightmare. I have such a strong fear of getting lost, even with a GPS that I am almost paralyzed with fear. My friends will not ride if I’m driving outside of our home town. My evil day job makes me drive to Nashville once a year for a meeting. I have expressed my fear to them in no uncertain terms, but no amount of begging, threatening or pouting has gotten me out of this meeting, but yet I still try.

Despite my fears I still drive to Nashville on a have-too only basis. I still cross bridges, ride escalators, when I can’t find the elevators and take walks in the woods, even though I’m looking for snakes at every step. Fear is a real thing, but you can’t let it stop you from doing what has to be done. If you fear writing that book, or you have already written it, but fear sending it in I’m here to tell you do it! Send it in. I’m afraid every time I push that send button, but I push it anyway. Fear won’t own me! But I still hate driving in Nashville.