Just Like Making a Cake?


So recently one of my many cousins asked, "so how exactly do you write an erotic book?"

I could have told her about all the hours I sit in front of a computer screen and re-read, re-write over and over again, always doubting what I've done. Is it good? Will anyone like it? But instead I told her it was kind of like making a cake. Not one of those from a box where you add a couple of eggs, some water and some oil. But instead one of those cakes in Aunt Mavis's recipe box. One of those cakes that has lots of yummy ingredients. A cake that has been made over and over again for generations. The kind of cake that will take a little longer, but be worth it in the end.


First you have to start with an idea, maybe this will work I think as I start to gather my supplies. Throw in a couple of characters, in my case a male and a female. They have to be unforgettable. They have to crawl into your head and make you want to complete this story. Make you want to eat this cake. Add in a few eggs for plot, it will help hold everything together, otherwise it's just two people having sex and that's just porn, not erotica. Throw in a few dashes of spice, some hot sex scenes, maybe secondary characters, a little danger, a little humor and a lot of love. Stir it together and put it in the oven to bake, translation send it to an amazing Editor. When it comes out, find a cover artist with an eye for hotness, this is just the sweet icing on the cake/book. Then send it out to the world for a nibble. Fingers crossed that everyone likes it. A piece of cake...right?