I Still Believe In Love

     I believe in love. I have seen it with my own eyes. I have felt it in my own fluttering heartbeat. The enduring strength of a marriage of more than 70 years and the healing power of its touch can be life affirming and life changing. We’ve all read the stories of the couples who are married for years, only to die hours apart. If you have been blessed enough in your life to have loved and been loved then you understand what I’m saying.

But, when love goes wrong, when it turns ugly, when love ends or turns to hate there can be nothing more devastating. Unfortunately, over the past two months I have had a front row seat to the ugly side of love. And like a thrown pebble in a smooth pond the ripples have spread and many left hurt and shaking their head with disbelief.

     Until yesterday I worked with a young woman who I had come to think of as not just a co-worker, but a friend. She is a beautiful, educated, compassionate, hard-working young woman, who followed a soldier to our fair city and blessed us with her joyful laughter. Her and said soldier seemed to have it all. They are young, healthy, attractive, well-traveled, and set financially. He’s an American hero and she the beautiful doctor who was madly in love with him. We rejoiced in their engagement and took delight in listening to them plan their lavish east coast wedding. We helped her pick out her wedding dress and helped comfort her when he left for two deployments over the past three years. We released a sigh of relief and prayed relentlessly that he would make it home safe. And when he did we thanked the heavens.

     Two months ago, he announced that he loved her, but he didn’t think he wanted to get married. When she came to work that day heartbroken, devastated, shattered, we were all shocked. No one saw that coming, least of all her. When I looked at her face it reminded me of the face I saw in the mirror after the death of my husband…blank, empty and pain filled. She stayed with him two months, trying to get him to talk to her, to talk to anyone, but he would only say he didn’t know what was wrong. PTSD is suspected by all who know him; even though there are whispers among some that there must be another woman. His parents loved her, her parents loved him and all loved them as a couple. She finally gave up yesterday and headed back east to try and get her life back on track. We miss her already.

     If you have love you truly have everything.

     On a happier note, March 10th I have a new book coming out with Evernight Publishing. Hott ‘N Handy is a fun little ménage. If it sounds like something you would enjoy, please take the time to pick it up.

Thank you