Is More Merrier?

As southerners, when we say, “the more the merrier,” we mean it we sincerely do. However when it comes to erotica is more…better? On a popular e-book selling website, I couldn’t help but notice that books with multiple partners seem to be very popular. Now for me personally I am a one-woman-one-man kind of girl. I like to read M/F and I prefer to write M/F. With that said I have written ménage a trios in the past. My story Cowboy Combo was my first All Romance bestseller. I fell in love with brothers Shane and Sam and felt feisty little Piper was perfect for the two of them. But with this trend of M/F/MMMM…really? Is that even possible?

In fairness maybe I should have read one just to see how everything…ahem…fits together, so to speak. But just thinking about it, it seems very confusing to keep straight and honestly somewhat impossible to me. When I broke the news to my mother that I was writing erotica her question was, “so what’s the difference between erotica and porn?”

I explained it like this. In erotica, they love and care for each other. Yes they have sex and that is explained quite explicitly with lots of “dirty words” and they may not realize that they love each other when they are having sex, but eventually they come to realize it. Porn is just sex for the sake of sex.

Is it possible for a woman to love multiple men at once? Is having multiple partners pushing the envelope of what is considered porn and what is erotica? I would love to hear your thoughts on what constituent’s erotica and what is just plain porn, maybe I need to re-explain this to my mother.