Food. I have an obsession that probably started in the womb. I no doubt I was kicking mama in the ribs begging for Grandma Nick’s macaroni and cheese or perhaps Aunt Chichi’s fried chicken. I have the Food Network Channel on almost ten hours a day, even at the evil day job it runs in the background. Every female and some of the males in my family are wonderful cooks. So I came by my obsession honestly. Not only do I love to eat, I love to cook too. Nothing gives me as much satisfaction as feeding hungry people; as a matter of fact the only thing that comes close is finishing one of my books. That feeling of creating something that could possibly bring happiness and joy to others is what I crave. Hopefully it does, that’s the plan anyway. When reading one of my stories, you may notice that food is always mentioned. In a previous post I wrote about keeping things real, well in real life people eat. I have read entire books where food was not mentioned…what the heck? How long do you go without eating?

Maybe it’s just me and my weird obsession with food. Maybe I should have been a chef like Piper in my book Cowboy Combo. Or own a bakery like Hunter in Sweet Hearts. Even Kate in Mastered by the Mothman ate. She had been kidnapped by a giant Mothman, ravished and held in a cave, but hey a girl still has to eat…right?

At eighteen I married a man who was type 1 Diabetic and one of our sons would become type 1 Diabetic at the age of eight. That certainly changed how I cooked and what we ate as a family. My kind of cooking is southern, warm and homey and not healthy by any means. So I guess it was only a matter of time that I too would follow the footsteps of Dad and Grandma and become type 2 Diabetic. It’s not fun and I don’t get to eat what I want anymore, so please allow me the pleasure of living vicariously through my characters as they eat.