Book Blog Wishes

If only. If only I had three or four friends who love to read as much as me. If only one of them was super-techy and could build and maintain us an awesome web site. We could have a book blog that reviews books and could just sit back and have author’s sending us their books to read for free. Of course I realize this can be stressful, at times sites get overwhelmed and can no longer except books, or even have a backlog of several months. As a newer author it has been a struggle to get reviews. Getting a book blog with thousands of followers to review one of my books could be a huge advantage and we all know this, which is why we try so hard to get reviewed by a book blog site. I have sent several polite emails over the past year in hopes of getting someone to review one of my books and this week one has responded, asked for my book Stone Hard and has promised to review it. I am so excited, and grateful. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she likes my story. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity. There are so many authors struggling to get their names out there and to get people to read their books.

Something that I have noticed among some of the bigger book blogs is that they are reviewing the same books and the same well-known authors. Of course I understand how much more exciting it is to read a well-written book by one of your favorite authors verses reading one by an unknown author. No one wants to waste time reading a bad book when there are so many good ones available, after all life is too short to waste on a bad book. But I am challenging the BB reviewers to step outside their box, take a chance on unknown authors. Discover that next big name, or your new favorite. As an author and especially as a reader, you could be doing the world a huge favor. The power that you weld to make or break an author is daunting. Be kind and honest in your reviews and remember we are all in this for the same reason; we want to read good books.